Tax and Foreign Trade Litigation

Notably, Escalante y Asociados provides specialized services in tax and foreign trade, administrative and constitutional trade litigation, both at the Federal and State levels, preparing appropriate defense strategies tailored to meet each one of our client’s specific needs in federal and local contribution matters.

Specifically within the area of litigation, our Firm constantly creates solutions, through counseling and the filing of means of defense, against acts of authority or by individuals which threaten or violate the taxpayers’ human rights or any legal provisions as well as against illegal acts in general, always having the protection of the rights of our clients as our priority.

The effectiveness of our services lies in the appropriate implementation of legal defense strategies, based on a scrupulous and precise understanding of our clients’ situation and of the antecedents of the matters entrusted to us, allowing us to provide a comprehensive service of excellence with wide recognition in the legal system both in Mexico and abroad.

We provide a proper and timely service in the practice of tax and foreign trade audits, preparing documents, analyzing and preparing the most appropriate evidence to effectively defend the best interests of our clients through all stages of the proceedings in relation to any action by the authorities in tax and customs matters.

Additionally, the staff at Escalante y Asociados has extensive experience in handling any issue before the Taxpayers’ Advocacy Agency, such as complaints, denouncements, conclusive agreements and consultations; this has allowed us, through the implementation of these alternative means for the settlement of disputes, to successfully avoid risks for our clients and to obtain more elements to defend their rights in relation to taxes before the jurisdictional authorities.

A fundamental principle in the services provided by Escalante y Asociados is to protect our clients’ best interests, striving, as far as possible, to avoid lengthy, costly and stressful litigations. We use our experience to handle complex negotiations, offering solutions which provide the best possible settlements and conciliation between the involved parties.