Mergers and Acquisitions / Preventive Aspects (due-diligence)

Escalante y Asociados offers its clients legal consultancy in transnational and financial matters, including the implementation of sophisticated structures with the objective of achieving competitive, commercial, financial, labor and fiscal advantages over their competitors. In this area, we have ample experience in business operations, both national and transnational, as our Mexican and foreign clients have entrusted us with the structuring of some of their most relevant operations.

Within these operations, we provide our clients with guidance in relation to mergers and acquisitions, split-offs, dissolution and liquidation of corporations, including the incorporation of companies and guidance and follow-up on corporate matters in general. The staff at Escalante y Asociados has successfully provided consultancy services, negotiated and prepared all types of financial agreements, processed loan and guarantee documents, including the design of instruments for specific uses, entities and trusts as well as the structuring, implementation, refinement and execution of all types of security guarantees on all kinds of assets.

Our Firm has provided consultancy to national and international clients in all types of financial operations in their capacity of lenders, borrowers and guarantors. Operations in which Escalante y Asociados has been involved in include all types of financing, whether unsecured or guaranteed, loans granted by a single lender and syndicated loans (including their creation and structuring), structured financing, corporate finance and project financing.

Additionally, Escalante y Asociados has ample experience in conducting due diligence or purchase audits of companies, businesses or assets. Our services in this area seek the proper and deep knowledge of the situation of a company, business or asset on a given date, for a specific purpose. The key areas that are analyzed are: corporate, fiscal, foreign trade, financial, administrative, labor, environmental and intellectual property. In this regard, a differentiator of our Firm is that the review process conducted by us is aimed at identifying the best corporate and fiscal options for purchase or sale.