At Escalante y Asociados we advise our Clients in how to both design and implement internal policies in order to prevent/avoid illicit actions taken place by employees and/or officials, assuring the operational framework is upheld, while diminishing possible application of legal and administrative sanctions.

We must remember that, in an effort by the federal government to strengthen state actions in the matters of corruption prevention, transparency and accountability, the National Anticorruption System (Sistema Nacional Anticorrupción, in Spanish, herein known as “SNA”) was created. Alongside with the creation of the SNA, the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities (Ley General de Responsabilidades Administrativas, in Spanish, herein known as “Law”) came into effect on July 19, 2017.  The Law establishes which acts and omissions, such as which administrative offenses may be incurred by public servants, individuals and/or legal entities, along with the mechanisms for prevention, correction, and investigation of administrative responsibilities.

Based on the above, and with the purpose of avoidance and prevention, your team at Escalante y Asociados, is dedicated to protecting your interests, providing top-notch legal services that reflect our extensive knowledge of the Mexican judicial system along with its interactions with international law, in order to aid your business with the correct implementation of internal policies that will allow for your unhindered operation and growth.